After Visiting Hours

Suppose you are wondering about the heading "After Visiting Hours", well let me tell you.

I am still on a high having just shot a load, which must have equaled that of a donkey. A friend of mine who I will call "BD" who lives in another town about 400Km away visited me at office today, he is a j/o buddy of mine, married with two children and always horny as hell. I was quite surprised to see him but unfortunately couldn't get away from office just then as things were rather hectic.

He told me that he was in town as he had to go into hospital at 5pm in order to undergo a minor procedure the next day and that I should come and visit him later that evening, mentioning that he had booked a private ward.

Hmmm sounded very interesting. I made sure that I arrived at the hospital at 7pm after visiting hours and spun the reception a yarn about having traveled a long way and thought that visiting hours were 7-8. I must have been very convincing and they let me in. Arrived at his room just as his doctor was leaving and sat down next to the bed facing the door where I could see into a mirror at the end of the hallway outside.

During our conversation I spoke about the Internet and my meeting a very horny guy there and that we had chatted about sucking and j/o and about my **** pics posted there. This new internet friend while chatting on line expressed his love of j/o and had an uncanny knack of making me *** a bucketful while reading his horny email. and his comments about my pics and those of MM, a young friend of mine who, BD has never met. This guy on the internet wanted me to get some pics of both our ***** in one scene.

I went on to talk about how MM visited me last Saturday and the lead up to undressing him and the way I sat over him and wanked us both in a "**** sandwich" and the way I came first and how MM came bucketfuls with my slippery smooth *** lubricating both our *****. I then told him about this internet friend's love of j/o machines and how I told him about my **** vibrator. At this stage I put my hand under the bedclothes and felt for BD's ****, remarking that he was no doubt hard already I wasn't wrong either, he had a ***** worth griping onto through his boxer shorts. I slid my fingers up the leg of his shorts and pulled his **** down and out while I continued talking about my sexy chat on the Internet, while jacking his rock hard **** under the blankets. He was getting hornier all the time and I pulled his shorts down releasing his hard ****, which always points straight up to his navel when erect. He is uncut and not too big, just an ideal size to suck. The door was slightly ajar and I warned him to watch the reflection in the hall mirror for anyone coming down the passage. I then pulled the blanket down and took his **** in my mouth and started to suck him, boy you should have seen his reaction, what with the worry about the nurse coming in and his horny condition his balls pulled right up tight against his **** I grabbed these and started massaging his firm full nuts gently while sucking his **** and sticking my tongue down between the head and the foreskin, boy what a feeling smoother than any part of ***** which I also love to eat. He got so horny that he let me remove his boxers and get a good look at that magnificent hard **** throbbing against his smooth belly.

I then took the **** vibrator out of my pocket and showed it too him. He did not protest when I slipped it over his **** and positioned it behind the head below the glans and turned on the power slowly, hoping to keep him on the edge for a while. No such luck his **** started to throb and twitch like it was alive, I was holding it steady not stroking it at all, by the look on his face I knew that this was it and bent down to put my lips over the tip when it blew, POW!!, spewing it's hot horny load into my mouth I had no option but to swallow fast and boy did it taste sweet, not like my own which is slightly saltier. I can now see why some woman love to suck my **** until it blows it's **** juice right down their throat it really does taste good. Luckily I got him off just then as we both heard the trolley coming down the hall with the evening tea, whew just in time I pulled up the blankets and sat there innocently when the nurse came in.

After the nurse took his temperature marked his chart and gave his tea she left. I put my hand back under the blankets and massaged his now semi hard **** while talking to him about MM and how I'd like to introduce him but that MM is very shy and straight, although when he stayed with me once we had a three in a bed session with my girlfriend, who at one stage got him to jack me off while she sucked my balls boy that was good. I told him that maybe one day MM will be so horny that he will forget some of his inhibitions and join in a ********* with us, who knows only time will tell.

It wasn't long before the **** under the blankets was hard again and now I could slowly jack it while looking at it as we were easier now that the nurse had finished her rounds. After about ten minutes or so it was ready to *** again and the geyser erupted not so much as the first time though all over his belly. It was time for me to go as I had promised to be home for supper at eight and anyway I needed to get my "willy" satisfied as he was straining at my zip threatening to break loose at any time. As I walked down the passage a lady in the room opposite smiled at me in a way which made my ears tingle, had she seen something in the hall mirror or had she been peeping? Who knows if she was I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

This wasn't the end when I got home I received a call from my married lady friend who likes to have MM and me service and eat her *****, she also gets very turned on by watching two guys ******* off or sucking each other, seems to send her on a trip to cyberspace. Anyway she called to let me know that her husband and children where away for a few days and that she was all alone at home watching a blue movie. She started to describe what was happening on the TV and telling me that she was so wet and that she wanted my **** in her mouth, when I heard a strange noise I asked her what it was and it suddenly got louder, she giggled and said it was a small muscle vibrator and that she was sitting on it while watching and talking to me. I asked her if she had *** already and she said yes, three times and was near the fourth. Boy she is a real nympho and can go on for hours.

What with my condition after the hospital visit and now this BOOM!!! *** all over the place.... that's where I began, now I am almost ready for another one before I turn in.

Email me if you would like a pic of the **** vibrator on my **** which is covered in ***……
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That is so hot I would love to see the pic and suck it for real.

My friend, this is one of the "HOTTEST" stories that I have ever read!!!!! You certainly have some fun, don't you??? :)