Sex On A Flight

My wife and I were on a flight from Jeddah to Maldives. I assigned seat was an aisle seat and my wife was on my right, next to her on the right was an old lady. After the in-flight refreshment was served the lights were gone dim.

After sometime it was quiet and most of the passenger was gone asleep. I stretch my legs under the front seat and positioned in my seat for some rest. My wife has covered me and herself with one blanket.

For my surprise I felt her hands ran on my lower abdomen and slip inside my trouser. Massage my penis over the underwear. In return I too glide my hand under her panty and stroked her lips gently.

Our hands caressing each other for sometimes and I felt her wetness. She does open my trouser and pull my penis out. I felt myself climbing higher than the flight was flying.  She spread her legs further apart, me to insert fingers and she moves her hand up and down holding my penis firmly. Her hand was exploring me and her soft hand, so delicate was stroking my erection in rhythm. Her hand shake up and down on my erection brought me to arch my back and push towards her.

I pushed my wet fingers inside her, sliding in and out of her hot *****. Her lightness of her finger tips caressing and making me shiver with pleasure. She squeezed my shaft with one last thrust, small jerks shaking me still as I emptied.

baththey baththey
May 12, 2012