******* On A Airplane Redeye

i was flying from Baltimore into St Paul on a nonstop flight some people call it the Redeye because its at night. My seat was in the back of the jet and I was seated while I was wondering who was going to be sitting beside me. I was told the plane was only 30 percent full when i boarded so the said that we could move around once everyone was seated. I was looking down the aisle as I saw this beautiful blonde in her late 30s walking down the aisle. She was so hot that i knew i was going to have to go in the bathroom and jerk off after seeing her. I could smell her perfume before she got to me, I was getting pre *** just looking at her she looked like a **** star, red high heels black nylons a short loose fitting dress that was half way up her thighs, the top of her dress was like a tube top and I could see she had no bra on because her nipples were pushing thru her dress. She was a beautiful 36DD **** and a pretty face with blonde hair. She had bright red lipstick on and her perfume said **** me. As luck would have it she was sitting in the window seat next to me. As i stood up to let her in I had a few shots before getting on and was overly flirting with her as I said you are beautiful, and my **** grazed her *** as she got in the seat. I sat down and started coming on to her right away and she was enjoying it i guess because when the stewardess offed to let us move she said, No were good.

The plane started taxi down the run way, as we started to take off i put my hand on her nylons as we climbed i ran my hand back up further up her dress, she took my hand and put it back in my lap and said Im married.
i thought well i just got knocked off first base. Well then the stewardess came around and asked if we wanted something to drink, I offered to buy her one and she excepted, i had one also. It didn't take long to get the drinks to us because there was no one four rows ahead of us on either side of the aisle. I offered to get her another and she said sure. We started to loosen up, and then she fell a sleep.

She had her head on my shoulder asleep when i started to run my hand up her dress, I was trying to be very smooth about it not knowing how she would react if she woke up. I had her dress up to her ***** when i discovered the was wearing crotchless pantyhose, this made me so hard that I had to continue. I started playing with her ***** lips until she was starting to get wet, then i stuck my finger in her *****, and then she woke up. At first she was not happy and then I think it aroused her thinking a stranger has his hand on my *****.
She looked down and saw I had a tent pole in my pants, I had dockers on and wasn't wearing underwear so it really showed.
I thought i either make a move or she will shut me down so I turned my head and stuck my tongue in her mouth. At first she pulled back and said Im married but i kissed her again and she kissed back as she reached for my ****. She was running her finger around the head of my **** and feeling the size of it, I was finger ******* her all the way in by now and was getting here really soaked when she whispered in my ear use two fingers, and I did. We were going at it for a while when the stewardess came by and asked if we wanted a blanket, and I took it. She knew what was going on and just turned a blind eye.

I reached down the top of her dress and was playing with her **** and kissing her when she unzipped my fly and my **** popped out.
She started to jerk me off as i broke off from kissing her to suck on her sexy nipples. She was turning me on so much I couldn't stand it. I had pre *** on my **** and she could feel it in her hands. I wanted to eat her ***** so bad and got down on my knees putting her right leg over on my seat as i went down on here ***** and began tongue ******* her. The plane was completely dark by this time because all the lights were out so people could sleep. I knew I would get caught by the stewardess if i stayed like this long so I was brief and returned to my seat. She then said I want to **** me! I couldn't believe it, but wasn't going to pass up the chance even if i got caught.

I told her to sit on my lap, she stood up holding on to the headrest in front of her and straddled me as i eased my **** in her *****.
i was turned on and nervous at the same time as she lowered her soaked ***** onto my ****, she started to squat down behind the seat incase someone looked back so it would look like it was just her there, as she was taking my **** all the way into her and just grinding in a circles on my **** and i could feel my nuts getting wet from her ***, my god this was so hot. I saw the stewardess walking back to the rear of the plane, I knew I needed to ended it now so I blew my nut in her, my god it was great. She stood up and said I have to go to the ladies room. She walked off with *** dripping from her. Then the stewardess says to me Im watching you two.,I just smiled.
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So hot. Im so hard now.


What bullshit

brilliant !

Up, up and away!<br />
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Loved every word of it!

whew! enjoyed that! thanks,

Now how would you know? i may be the worst **** ever! lol