I Joined The Mile High Club At Age 17

Not long after I had completed the requirements for my private pilot's license, I joined the Mile HIgh Club.  It was a very pleasant experience.

I had invited my girlfriend to go on a short trip with me, for just some fun flying and sightseeing from the air.  We had been airborne for about an when I looked over at her and the way that she was sitting, I could see straight up her tight-fitting skirt and was greeted with a lovely crotch shot of her panties.  Because of the color of her panties, I could see a definite wet spot on them.  I didn't know if it was from fear or excitement and I was determined to find out.

I reached over and ran my hand up her leg and touched her panty covered *****.  She opened her legs a little further to give me better access and I began stroking her through the material of her panties.  Then to my surprise, she pushed my hand away and moved to where she could take her panties off.  She began to let me finger-**** her.  After a bit, she unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and started playing with me.  This continued until I was at the point of need to come.

She then told me that she had heard about the Mile High Club and asked me if we could become members.  I told her that we weren't quite high enough yet to do that since I was only flying about 2000 feet AGL (Above Ground Level) and that if she wanted to become a real member we would have to get higher.  So I started to climb and when we were above a mile high AGL, she moved over with me into the pilots seat.  She positioned herself facing me and eased my **** into her *****.

Because I couldn't move, she began to work up and down on me and it wasn't long before I climaxed.  She wasn't able to climax because the angle wasn't good enough for me to give her any friction on her ****; but later that evening I did get to give her to a very rousing ****** and I got to have a second one.

It was a dumb and dangerous thing that we did, but it will be an experience that I'll never forget.

risenphoenix risenphoenix
70+, M
Feb 26, 2010