I Have Many Times, And It's Still Fun

My husband likes to watch me with other guys... and I love sex.  So, what we would do is find a guy that I wanted to have sex with, and who was willing to have pictures and video taken.  Trust me, some guys are super-weird about that.  So, sometimes, we had to take pictures without their faces in it.  It is very exciting.  It was like making our own ****, and my husband was the director.  He loves to upload the videos and pictures onto the computer to save. 


The first time, I admit, I had to get talked into it.  I was so self-conscience and did not want someone videoing it.  I would try to hide my face, and I was very nervous.  But once I realized how much the guys enjoyed me, and how much my husband liked watching guy use me, I really got into it.  It is not something a lot of people understand.  Everyone thinks that my husband and I don't really love each other, or we don't have a good sex life by ourselves, but it is nothing like that.  We have so much fun together, but, making videos is something we do on occassion, that we both enjoy.

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Thank you for sharing and posting such a terrific experience/story!<br />
I really enjoyed hearing how you and Hubby enjoy making videos with you and your VERY lucky partners, then upload and save them on your computer to watch later! :)<br />
I have always found that when there is a camera involved (video or still) in REALLY brings out the exhibitionist in me and I have really enjoyed the experience of performing with past partners while having pics or videos done :)<br />
I have enjoyed a variety of fun filled moments...one-on-one while hubby takes pics and directs the performance, three-somes (MFM or (my all time favorite) FFM)...I have REALLY enjoyed participating in/performing numerous Double Penetration sessions while having it shot on video or pics being taken (Nothing like doing a Dp session in front on the cameras...nice and slow and being directed by another Woman who is the camerawoman/director of the event...being told to pose a certain way, move a certain way, hold a particular position as the still camera catches the action...or even better...enjoying the performance, being the second male who is helping to transform the woman into the Ultimate Human Sanwich and have her "sing the praises" and the sheer joy of Dp while me and the other guy bring her off on multiple *******! As well as just ******* our brains out and it being captured on video :)<br />
Group or **** sessions are also nice to have photographed or shot on video too...again, the whole exhibitionist/watch while being watched and knowing a camera is capturing all the fun of everyone involved...and if you are "lucky"? Being part of the action that gets a little more camera time focus then the others in the group too :)

I wish I had some from when I was younger.

Sounds like a great way to connect... and meet each others desires... doing it together in a safe and loving environment allows you to connect in unique ways others can't.

two guys and a girl is way more fun that two couples. Less head games & less distraction. The guys have only one thing in mind... pleasuring the woman... and two heads ARE better than one..:)

I don't think I would be able to share my lady either. It's not at all that I disrespect people that do like such things. I certainly think that people can still have a healthy relationship as long as they communicate well with each other. I wish that I was able to be more open-minded but I guess I'm selfish. I'm sure it would be great fun to have adventures with you, on camera would be all the more hot!