Sex On The Beach

It was on the beach between the road and the sidewalk in Panama City. The road was a few feet above the beach and the beach lights were about fifteen feet from the sidewalk and just under the road. Laying just behind bright search lights it was obvious no one could actually see us due to the glare, and the area directly behind the lights was pitch black. We watched brightly lit people walking by on the sidewalk, many of them squinting our way because of the noise we were making.. No one actually stopped, but we did hear some giggles. Both of us were hot as hell watching back at the strangers.. After we were both satisfied we waited for a quiet moment on the sidewalk and faded away into the night. We hit the water to wash off then put our suits back on and joined a night volleyball game a few dozen yards down the beach- under the lights of course.
teganmarie teganmarie
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1 Response Jul 9, 2010

Yes, it was packed quite full thank you.