Love On The Rocks

My gf never wore pants during the summer and would regularly flash me a glimpse of her trimmed *****. We were on a beach in Donegal and we climbed up some gently sloping rocks and lay on the hot stones to rest. My hand rested on her belly and i slipped it slowly up under her skirt til I met with the moistness of her *****. We were both thinking the same thing. i moved down the rock, lifted up her skirt and kissing her on the inner thigh started to eat her out. She came and came under the beautiful blue skies. i undid my shorts and slowly slipped into the wettness and came in a few strokes. i withdrew and the *** and juicies flowed down over the rocks. We lay for a while and then continued our walk. Not a word was spoken. Wonderful days.
landyboy landyboy
41-45, M
Dec 4, 2012