One Time In South Beach, Miami

Technically it wasn't on the beach, it was actually in the ocean. My wife and I were staying in South Beach, Miami on a short vacation. It was during the summer and very hot. I think it was mid-afternoon when we decided to head into the water to cool off. All of the hot bodies running around the place had me excited and horny, so I was tugging at my wife's bikini in the ocean expecting her to say "no'. But to my surprise she was in a playful mood. She moved away from me and then gave me that look like I should come closer to her.

 I moved over closer to her with my back to the beach, while she had her back to the ocean. As we faced each other, I suddenly felt something grab my swimsuit and at first is startled me as I though a small fish was bumping into me. Then I realized it was my wife pulling the tie on my swim trunks. I became hard instantly and she quickly had my hard **** out over the top of my swim trunks. She then strattled me and pulled her bikini bottom to the side. I felt my hard **** slide inside her very wet and warm *****. It was a strange sensation, as the water was cool and she was very warm and surprisingly slippery.

We slowly pumped our bodies, trying not to draw to much attention in a very crowded beach and ocean area. Her bikini was in the way and a bit uncomfortable, so I untied one side. Her eyes got big as she felt it fall loose and she began to object that she didn't want to loose her bottom. After a few more pumps it became apparent that our bodies were so tightly pressed together that it wasn't going to come all the way off with just one side undone, so she relaxed.

We had to stop as a couple walked by us about 8 feet away and were watching us pretty close. We just kissed and waited a couple of minutes, which in hind sight was probably a mistake. I wanted to full speed and get some nice long thrusts into her, but I was trying not to be too obvious so I took it slow and casual...just enjoying the wonderful sensation and feeling. I was getting close to exploding inside her when I started to realize that she was no longer slippery. The salt water had finally washed away her natural lubricant and it was a strange feeling. We were in water, but she felt as dry as could be and I could feel our skin tugging. I could have endured the discomfort, but it was obvious that I was hurting her and that turned me off.

I pulled out of her and we just pressed our bodies against each other for a long time. It was one of the best experiences that we have ever had and certainly the most public place we have ever had sex.

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Feb 18, 2010