I Love Sex On The Beach

There's nothing better, in my opinion, than having sex on the beach. Especially with the woman you most love. In summer 2004, i had gone on vacation with my family and my god-parents and god-sisters, if you've read my other stories you'll know then that my god-sister Eirini and I were lovers in secret. We went to the island of Milos, in Cyclades, and spent a great time together, but being along with the family together all the time prevented me and Eirini from having sex and we only shared a few stolen kisses when others didn't watch. Then on our second night there, we were going to dine at a local tavern but Eirini and i orchestrated a plan to have sex first. We told others that we would first go for a night bath and then we would come. Our families didn't object at all, as they trusted as, and so Eirini and i quickly went to change to our swimming suits and went straight to the beach. As soon as we reached it we kissed passionately on the mouth. We embraced each other and declared how much we were in love. My hands found her breasts and started squeezing them. We would have done it then and now but the beach was crowded even at night, and so we swam to the cave of Papafragas. It was some sort of a sea labyrinth that was eventually leading to a small, little and isolated beach. We swam over there and as soon as we reached the beach we made out just like Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr would in "From Here to Eternity". Our tongues just couldn't get enough of each other. I was grabbing her *** and kissing her neck. My hands were then caressing her back until they reached the bikini top. They unhooked it and let her angelic breasts go free. I put one nipple on my mouth and started sucking it, she was moaning of delight and pleasure:
-Why should you have such lovely jugs ???? You know i can't resist them !!!
We then undressed completely and were standing naked before each other. She then reached on top of me and gave me the ride of my life. She was riding my **** wildly as my hands were playing with her ****. She liked it so much that she couldn't help but moan. It was the best rodeo ever, until then i climaxed and she fell on my arms. Our wet bodies were embracing and i was kissing the salt off of her. We shared kisses full of passion:
-Oh, John ! I love you more than anyone ! I'm in love with you !
-I love you too, my darling !
-Then prove me how much you do !
I naughtily smiled and put her underneath mean, then i made love to her more fiercely than ever before. We spent a few more passionate hours together until we left. It was probably the best sex experience i ever had and will be forever marked in my memory. In fact, i was thinking about going back there with Eirini now, for old time's sake !
thomaswayne thomaswayne
26-30, M
May 7, 2012