Fruit Wine and My First Love

I was kinda nervous, but not nervous enough for it to overwhelm the lust for my gorgeous girlfriend's passion...


It was the only once, in England. Somewhere in Cornwall. We had booked a holiday together, after moving house for about the 4th time that summer. She had done so little preparation for her last move (due to happen on the day of our trains out of Sheffield) that we very nearly missed the last train. And she'd forgotten her rail card so had to buy stupendously expensive tickets. Still, we'd had a very romantic time, mostly spent in bed, when we went out to the beach nearby. We took a bottle of fruit wine (strawberry if I remember right - typical...) and 2 glasses onto a no alcohol beach, when those were first coming into fashion. And we sipped. It got to dusk, and a little chilly, and we laid a towel down and started undoing trousers. The rest is obvious, except that some people were watching from the distant railings, and that a family walked past overhead on the path (only about 5ft away!!).

We didn't take off our clothes - just enough to make love. And it was unnerving, and quick. I'd be more ready for it if the situation happened again, but that was a most wonderful week.

Muchos love and best wishes!

- this seems to be a rarely shared experience - any idea why??

cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
31-35, M
Feb 11, 2009