I highly recommend it!!!! Some amazing positions to be had there that I haven't found anywhere else to duplicate them ;-)

--------------------------------------------------EDIT------------------------------------------------------------------- this is my favorite personally. I know, it looks like an unassuming version of the doggie, but trust me ;-)

There are, of course, slightly different approaches to the position......

You could also try this one out.....

If you have the balance and muscle tone there's also this one
(laying back or sitting up...your choice)

However, I feel a safety warning is in order:
Alway make sure you have your balance or
something besides each other to hold on to.

FordPrefect42 FordPrefect42
41-45, M
28 Responses Jun 25, 2011

Sounds like fun!!;)

It is kind of amazing ;-)

Message me ;)

I love it when a man does that to me!!!

It was good for you, how was it for your parnter? Would she recommend it?

Great question! Yes, she enjoyed it very much as well :-)

I have actually fantasized having sex on the stairs.

Well, if you have stairs and a man, I highly recommend it ;-)

*Giggles* :)

Need stairs!

For sure! This must've been the reason! Thehe

Well said, Joey!!!

ROFLMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave it to you, Whisp ;-)

and for those of you that really like a challenge.. try the escalator!

Yes, yes we are...and happily so :-D LMAO

Hahaha... you are both crazy!!! ;p

LOL!!! Kinda, huh?! LOL<br />
<br />
Hmmmm...stage name....Unlit Honesty? ;-)

Better...Deluminated Honesty! :-D

Yeah...thought about that, but Bright Lie just didn't sound right ;-)

OK,'ve been volunteered to help..... :-D

ROFL!!!!! You're welcome, Snow!!! ;-)<br />
<br />
LMAO!!!! You're too right, DT!!! A pic directly from the high school advanced sex. ed. class :-D LOL<br />
<br />
OK....too many of you seem to be having trouble staying on the stairs. Can I get a volunteer to help demostrate this for everyone....? :-D LMAO

LOL!!! Well, Snow, if you're going to then that first pic is prolly the best way to keep your balance...and in my opinion feels the best too ;-) hehe

LOL! It's still ranch style living...just with a new use for your ranch hand ;-) lol

omigosh! so much for ranch style living... *ponders the library stairwell*

*glances between Ricki, Snow and the story considering a whole new approach to exercising* :-D LMAO

LOL! Yeah, definitely not for everyone, Snow...but amazing none the less ;-)

Oh bummer! Now I have to search for a partner to exercise!

It's my pleasure to deliver your desires, Queen ;-)

As you wish, my Queen ;-)

Yes, yes they can and my right leg prooves it...still worth it for that mind blowing ****** ;-) LOL

LOL, SD! Carpet burns are always a risk, stairs or no...but oh so worth the risk! :-D

LOL! Too true :-D

Well, if I need to give a demonstration I suppose I could ;-D hehe

The angle the stairs force you to assume allows for some mind blow penetration in virtually any possition you try ;-)

My fav might be a bit difficult to try. Bummer, taht we don't have stairs inside our flat and my husband is to shy to try this outside! :'-)) really do need at least 5 or 6 steps to do things right, and carpeted is prefered ;-) lol

I thought Germans mastered spatial relations?

I need further explanation.

I need further explanation! :-P