Outdoor Sex

I have enjoyed outdoor sex quite often. One of the most memorable times was when we went to a weekend event held in a very large campground that had lots of trees and lots of space between camp spots situated along the sides of a dirt road that meandered through the property. On Saturday night we were listening to the band playing when my wife spilled her drink all over her lap and wanted me to go back to our tent with her so she could change. It was very dark out and I couldn't see twenty feet in front of me as we walked back there. Our tent was small and you couldn't stand up in it, so she got some fresh jeans out and said, "I'll just change right here. It's dark enough that nobody walking by will see me." She took her jeans off and was standing bare from the waist down as she didn't wear undies, when I jokingly said, "Yeah, nobody would be able to see if we were having a piece right here on the grass." She said, "That would be fun, we should do it when we come back after the concert." I said, "Why not right now, you're already half naked which has me turned on?" She peeled her top off and said, "Well, what are you waiting for?" I quickly got undressed andwe layed down in the grass beside the tent. We were getting down to business when she said, "It's too rough and cold on my back." We stood up and when I turned to take her into the tent onto the air matress, I bumped into the picnic table in the dark. I bent over to rub my shin and when I stood up again, she was laying on top of the table with her legs open. I took the hint and got on top of her. We were screwing away like crazy when I heard voices coming down the road. I: stopped and as they passed by, I could hear them, but couldn't see them, so we went at it for about 15 minutes, during which several more people passed by. We carried on and enjoyed our best outdoor sex experience ever,
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sounds fun i wish i could have sex