The Patio - 4 My Sgt

My ***** was soft, smooth, and soaking wet as he stood behind me whispering his naughty words deep within my ear. He leaned over my shoulder to help himself to a gulp of my drink. The coarse material of his shirt rubbed against my neck, causing my need to grow. I wanted him here and now, buried deep inside me. I leaned back into him, grinding my *** against his ****.  I felt his hand under my skirt as he worked his way up to my bare, aching *****. He pushed his fingers hard into me, finding my most intimate spot. He continued stroking as I grinded against him. My breathing became ragged and I was at the point of no return. He placed his lips against my ear; his hot breath nearly put me over the edge. He whispered, “Are you ready?” Unable to reply verbally, I shook my head affirmative. He whispered, “Then come for me!”  As if on cue, my body tightened as I flooded his hand with my juices. I felt the stream running down my thighs toward the patio below but I was unable to move except for the quivering in my body in sequence with the beating of my heart. 

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Ummm.... How does a ***** grow?

WOW, I think you meant that.

Very nice ~ you write with great beauty and passion~

Tell us what an ice cube feels against your cl1t?? Feather??

If you could read my mind love what a tale my thoughts could tell. Just like a paperback...?? You need another friend, me. Add me please

i really like the story


very very hot! was there more?


Yes, but I edited it out.

It really wasn't meant to be a poem or even a technical writing. It is just my emotional balance. I have found most people here do not appreciate the poetic versions as much as the to the point versions. This story started out as over 1,000 characters and this is how it ended up in the posting.

Sweet night.