Have You Ever Felt That Passion??/

Well I have. And here is my story.

We were driving down the road... we were talking about seeing the city at night... when all of a sudden he turns, "since we're here, I have to show you this." He parks the car on the side of the road and we get out to this fantastic overlook. I see the city completely lit up at night... well, one side of the city, that is.

He then walks up behind me and puts his arms around me. He hands don't stop there, he start caressing me. My arms, my chest, my body. I feel it. I want him. He turns me around and he starts kissing me passionately. We kiss over and over and over again. All of a sudden he's lifting me up and my legs wrap around his back. He brings me to the side of his truck and makes out with me there. His hands reaching downwards feeling my *****, everything. I tell him, "I want you." He looks around, I would do you now but there's this one car over there that's going to see everything. "I don't care, take me now." I want you now. He opens the passenger side car door... bends me over, unzips his pants, and inserts himself in me. Feeling him inside feels so good. My *** out in the cold air. I hear the cars driving by ad he's pounding himself in me. And then I feel him tense up, he's ******* inside me.

Yes, this really happy. Yes, it was a moment where complete and utter passion took over. Even though we were on a busy road with cars constantly driving by, we were by mansions, we were by an overlook. An overlook where cops constantly drove be, we put all cares aside for that instance because we just only wanted each other. IT WAS AMAZING!
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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

*giggles* Hah..me too! But sometimes those cars are a bit warm from sitting in the sun. Next time try in the grass.