So my girlfriend and I wanted to spend my last few days before starting my tour overseas having fun! One night we'd been having sex all night all over our apartment, when it was about 2am. We decided we wanted to do some "exploring". I've had a dream of ******* in the laundry room and the communal balcony up on the second floor. So off we went, her in a house coat nude underneath and me in clothing with a raging hard on barely hidden in my jeans. We made it to the laundry room and had some fun (video camera as well). A few min spent there and then up to the balcony. Wow that was a blast, at 2am with the few cars driving by (the balcony is illuminated with flood lights) as we get up there, she pulls up the house coat and pulls out my hard ****. Starts by dropping to her knees and getting me right and stiff for her, she wants to get ****** well! :) Soon enough she grips the rail and shoves her perfect *** at me, (5'5", 32D,28,34, 110lbs, blond hair, blue/green/gray eyes) and I slide into here with the world able to watch us. We didn't last too long because we've had this fantasy for quite a while, after a few min of pounding her pretty hard against the rail, she **** hard screaming out into the night....I reach around and clamp my hand on her mouth as she writhes against me. This pushes me over the edge and I pull out quickly, as she drops to her knees and pulls out her 32D and squeezes them together for me making a perfect target! I let lose an unfortunate 4-5 ropes of *** (we've *** a few times that day already) as I try to cover each nipple and make a *** river down the cleavage! She licks my **** clean and licks what she can off her breasts and loosely ties up the house coat with her breasts still covered in my *** as we walk back to the apartment. We don't run into anyone, however, she likes show off she's just been ****** well and *** all over. We get back to the apartment and eventually hop into the shower, and end up making love one more time before passing out wrapped up in each others arms. What a night! :) Plus we got it all on video ;)
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she is honestly the hottest girl I have ever had the chance with....I've been with my fare share and her body is perfection. About 5'6/7, 110lbs, 32D, waist probably 26, hips 30ish....nice pert bum! No flab or hanging fat anywhere. Blond Hair, blue/grey eyes, and the most amazing face....I am so very in love with this one! :) Bout time.... haha I'm just glad she can stand my sexual fantasies and desires, with her own thrown in there as well :)

What a lucky guy you are!!! She sounds hot!!

Those video's are for us only, I am sorry. But I enjoy having them to myself and her only! They are great for getting us going though, sometimes she will just have one playing on the computer when I come home and see her ************ on the couch.....I just can't wait to lick her to ****** and then continue in the bedroom! She is such an amazing girl!

Let's see those videos!!