Not Going To Get Into Any Details....

just a list.

Park - under a tree; picnic table. Stair way to the apartment. Toilet on a plane. Men's toilet at uni. Public showers. Roof top. Change room. Gave head on the back of a bus; cinema; on the plane; park; while the guy was driving - in traffic. Car. Pool. Beach. More parks...

Will add if I can remember any more - all this was a long time ago... Wonder if I miss it?
watchfulsoul watchfulsoul
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I can understand, that's holding me back, too. :)

Hehe... Yeah, actually I do miss being a bit naughty - it's been a while... But it takes the right partner to commit these little adventures...

Sounds like lots of fun all over. And have you answered your own question yet?