Advice Should I Accept Praposal Of Sex With My Sister

My sister has proposed me sex?
austinkash austinkash
26-30, M
12 Responses Aug 4, 2010

you never said how old she is

Must have been a big and scary step for her to ask you<br />
dont let her down<br />
she trusts you so your the logical guy to teach er<br />
just make sure you are save<br />
she is on the pill?

funny thing , guys are saying yes , women no with regards to your question .

it doesn't surprise me that most men would say yes to this although there are some freak ******* on here that would ok it also.

Bend the ***** over and **** her hard

nail her and let us know how i went!!!

You'll carry that with you for life. Usually if something feels wrong, it's because it is.

right on to that, puck! you nailed it.

i agree with puck also.

dude, find a woman that you don't share a bloodline with. since when has having sex with your family become the norm??

good question, cancer! this **** is whack!

Um....yeah. I had no idea ****** was the new thing. Just when I think humanity can sink no lower in my eyes....

Dude<br />
You may need to have your man card reviewed and possibly revoked if you dont **** her at least once.That is every guy's wet dream. Try to use condoms, but if you don't even better.

Just dont get her pregnant!

Helloooo? Its your SISTER?????

do it, dont u have desires of any kind :-)

go for it