Hunting Buddy Brings a Friend

I go hunting with a buddy from my college days every year.  This year he brought a friend along, an older lady with a "Rock Hard Body"  an an attitude to match, he called her Cookie..I had been hunting by myself and he needed someone to sit with her in a hunting blind, he dropped us off while he drove back to camp to get some more guys out in the blinds.  We wispered to each other for alittle while, trying to keep quiet in case a animal came our way.  The wind picked up and the temp dropped quick.  Cookie scooted close to try an keep warm.  The blind was keeping the wind off us but it was cold.  Cookie said "my *** is freezing"..trying to be funny, I told her "i'll keep your *** warm"...she gave me a long look...i was think, "pissed her off!"  then she blew me away when she said "I'll take you up on your offer to keep my *** warm" 

I knew she called my bluff, I had to say something, I told her to "take your pants off and come sit on my lap.  Thinking it was over, she stood up pushed her pants and panties down, pulling her leg out one side and turned toward me.  I pulled my pants an boxers down and she sat on my lap.  It happened soo fast, i was still getting hard.  I grabbed her ***, it felt like a frozen turkey she was so cold.  I started pumping into her, while she pulled her jacket down to cover her butt and my legs.  We ******* e d like that until we were both panting and grunting until i came in her.  We held onto each other, until she finally said, "I can't wait until you keep me warm for the evening hunt.   That was the best hunting weekend ever...the best is when we got stuck on the four wheeler...that's another story

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3 Responses Jan 7, 2008

buddy system works :-)

I've had some fun in a duck blind myself. One of the finer ways to enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Now that sounds like fun. Nice surprise eh?