Cruising At A Gay Beach

By the time I accepted that I was bisexual I started exploring places where men picked up men. In the city in Europe where I lived then were a couple of parks where gay men cruised after dark. I went there a couple of time, but they felt very dangerous. I flirted a bit but as far as I recall I never had sex there.

In the summer however I found down the river just outside the city a remote nude beach frequented by gay guys. While at a regular nude beach it was a taboo to get an erection or to play with your **** at this gay beach almost every guy wallked around with a hard one.I took my clothes off, took my towel and watched what happened. I made it a game, not immediately responding to flirts. When I had to pee I walked to a couple of shrubs and realized that between the bushes guys were openly ************ and some of them even more. I acted as if I didn't see them, but made sure that they could see me peeing. Later that afternoon I went back to fhe bushes and made eye contact with one of them. He walked up to me, kneeled in front of me and gave me a blow job. After which I returned the favor.

I went a couple of more times always making sure I was pleased by the time I left.

Besides these gay adventures I was given a couple of times blow jobs by street workers in back allees. I never ****** outside although I tried to convince a couple of times girl friends to do it.
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51-55, M
Dec 28, 2010