Mingus Mountain, Arizona

My new girlfriend, Betty, confided in me that one of her fantasies was to have sex outdoors in the woods. She's a very attractive 61 years old, short blond hair, thin, and about 34C ****. I hike a lot and thought that I knew the perfect, private place to fulfill her desire. We went up the Woodchute Trail. After about 2 miles the trail climbs to a plateau. On the plateau there's a main trail, but also numerous small side trails to the edge of the plateau where there are fantastic views of the red rocks of Sedona and Cottonwood. I'd brought a lunch, wine, and comfortable blankets to lay on. We made love in the warm spring sunshine and were laying on the blanket enjoying each other's company. I heard a noise in the woods, but was unsure if it was a deer or another hiker. I didn't say anything, but mounted her again and remained watchful. Soon I notice that a couple guys had taken cover behind some bushes and were watching us as we ******. They stayed there the whole time as we got dressed, packed up, and left.
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same here -lots of places in Arizonia i have stopped to enjoy the view and ended up naked and "mounted " by my girlfriend ! Just did it on the 60 near salome by the side of the road -nice and quiet -can see cars comming for miles ahead or behind .

i've done it up on Mingus also, verde, sycamore, oak creek, white horse, various places around prescott and flagstaff...well you get the picture!