On A Picnic Table.

My girl and I were apart from each other for a week. She was out at her best friends place getting ready for her best friends wedding, as I was coming out a few days later for the extravaganza myself. Being a part for a bit, we both started getting horny, and sending texts to each other throughout the week, pictures of us really desiring the other. While we were talking, sharing our desires for one another, we created this plan to be able to "connect" at the reception.

The party was semi-outside, a big ol' building, kind of like a barn with a patio and some picnic tables all around the place. We had already talked about the thrill that it would be to sneak away, even if it had to be quick, to have sex at the party and to see whether other's noticed. We knew she'd be in a dress, and so we had talked and decided that she wasn't going to wear any panties that day - of course to allow for easier access when the time came! We had decided that instead of me wearing boxer briefs, or briefs, that I was going to wear boxers under my dress pants - the ones that have a large opening in the front to allow for easiest quick access of my shaft for her.

Having this plan in our minds, when I got to the wedding it was so hard to focus on what was going on... all I could think about was her, kissing her, feeling her ***** lips swallow up my hard shaft. I waited for what seemed to be like an eternity for the timing to come. We didn't have a specific time that we were going to slip away, but just wait until the chance came. After a while of following her around like a puppy dog, trying not to let my bulge get too big for others to notice, I finally was able to steal her away. Away from the building, away from the patio, and to the picnic tables. There was just a faint light casting on us from the building, and no one else around as we started making out at the tables. Standing us pressing our bodies next to each other with all of the sexual anxiousness that had been building up with our foreplay throughout the week. As we made out and my hands were caressing her body, re-exploring the curves that had once just been a picture on my phone, giving her *** a squeeze, she could feel my shaft getting bigger... harder... and all she wanted to do was let it loose.

In an attempt not to pre-*** in my pants, I sat down on the table as she undid my belt, and unzipped my pants, pulling them down just enough so that they didnt fall in the grass, but at least I could get out, and she could have full access to my joystick. Me, knowing that as she stood in front of me in a cute flirty dress, knowing she didn't have panties on, it was such an incredible tease knowing her sweet ***** was right there, but not on me yet. As we kissed and my hands traveled up her legs, thighs, to explore her wetness, my shaft grew with intensity. She could hear me breathing heavy, knowing I was hers for the taking, knowing that she could do whatever she wanted to do. As she came close to me, straddling my lap, putting her beautiful breasts right in my face, my hands on her bare *** under her dress, she slowly lowered herself right on top of me. As she grabbed my ****, and guided it to victory, rotating her hips, rocking back and forth, grinding against me, I had to bit my bottom lip to not gasp out with a loud noise, expressing the incredible satisfaction she was sharing with me as we waited for this moment, as we talked about this moment, as we anticipated this moment.

Our deep breathing, trying not to draw attention away from the party, continued to seduce each other to pleasure, I finally was able to let go as she pressed her breasts in my face again. Our legs went weak as she collapsed onto me - in full appreciation for the moment.
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4 Responses Jan 30, 2012

Way to make your girl happy. That is an awesome story. THIS is what I think of as romantic.

so very sexy, the possibility of getting caught mixed with the rapture of desire! great story!

I'll store that in my brain for later ;)

with great gratitude - please do ;) Tell me some more in a PM

Well told! Hot day! A delicious encounter that reminds us all how great a lover can be.