Sex On Stone Mountain

Soon after I had graduated from college, I hooked up with a lady that worked on the same floor of the office building we both worked in. Looking back, I would have to say our relationship was mostly sexual in nature as we did have sex much of the time we spent time together. Unfortunately, we both had room mates at the time. The living arrangements did not stop us from having sex, but it did cause us to have to be a little more cautious than you might normally be, especially when the bathroom was not attached to the bedroom. Either you had to make a run for it or take the time to throw something on. Some of those experiences were pretty intersting, but that is for another story.
This woman was not really into public or daring sex, but there were a few times when she surprised me. One time is related in the story about the pool at her aunt and uncle's house, which is shared here on EP. Another time was when we visited Stone Mountain Park for a picnic. We had stopped and gotten fried chicken before heading to the park to picnic. I could tell Sheila was a little frisky as we were eating, but the picnic area was fairly crowded and nothing more than a serious make-out and petting session had occured.
After dinner, she suggested we climb the mountain so that we could see the lights of the surrounding area from the top of the mountain. We drove over to the walk-up side of the mountain and parked the car. When we got out, she grabbed the blanket and said we might want to sit down at some point.
As we began to climb, I could tell it would be dark in an hour or so and I mentioned that fact to her. She said she had climbed the mountain in the pitch dark many times and not to worry. For those who have climbed Stone Mountain. The lower 3/4 of the walk is fairly easy through lightly wooded areas, but the last 1/4 is steeper and up sheer rock.
We made it up to the top in about 30 minutes and sat down to look around and enjoy the view. After about 10 minutes, Sheila got up and said she wanted to show me an area off to the side of the trail on the way down. We ventured down the steep part and got back into the more wooded area before veering off to the left. She led me by hand about 60 feet away from the main trail until we found a small clearing where she spread out the blanket. The sun was just about to set and we were bathed in the low light of dusk.
She plopped down on the blanket and indicated I should sit next to her. As soon as I was seated, she leaned into me and locked lips. It did not take long before we were both groping each other and starting to remove clothes. My hand was under her top trying to free a breast from her bra as she was working on my belt. After a minute or two, we had each other's shirts off and she was working on my shorts as I released her medium sized perky **** from her bra.
At this point we both stood up and pulled our own shorts and underwear off, leaving us both standing there naked. I pulled her back down on the blanket and began fingering her ***** while I sucked on her perky nipples. They were both standing errect like pencil erasers from my attention and she was stroking my erect ****.
The warm night air felt great on my skin and I totally forgot that we were not that far from the trail and other people. After a few minutes of fondling and sucking, she pulled me on top of her and guided my throbbing **** into her wet ****. I began pumping her hard and she started moaning rather loudly. I tried to shush her a little, but she was not having that and continued moaning.
Being outside andthe sounds this lady was making soon did me in and I came very loudly while pumping her even harder. My climax brough on her ****** and she got even louder.
I lay on top of her with my **** still enjoying her wet warmth when we heard voices and giggling nearby. We looked at each other and quickly pulled the two sides of the blanket up and over us so if anyone was around, we would be covered. It would be obvious to anyone looking what we were doing, but at least we would be covrered. I don't know if we were discovered or if we simply heard some people passing by on the trail.
I am also not sure if this was the first time Sheila had sex in this spot on the mountain. When I asked her how she knew that place existed, she would just laugh and tell me not to ask any more questions.
The noises faded away and we got unwrapped and started getting dressed in the faint light. She noticed there was a small hole in her panties and made a comment about having to throw them away when she got home. I told her we should leave them on the mountain as a marker to us screwing there. At first she said no way, but I was able to convince her that no one would know who they belonged to and how funny it would be when or if someone found them.
So, I found a low branch on a nearby tree and wrapped the pair of pink panties on it.
As we walked the rest of the way down the mountain, she said  my *** was running down her leg without the panties to help soak it up. It wasgetting  too dark to see it until we got back to the car where she showed me it was true. When we got back to her place, her room mate was sitting on the sofa watching TV. She asked what we had been up to and we smiled and said enjoying Stone Mountain. We immediately made a bee-line for the shower, where we showered together and retired to her room. We ****** several more times that night...laughing about whether or not we had been discovered and who might find her pink panties on the mountain.
We talked about repeating our adventure over the next several months, but it never came to pass before we broke up.
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One day when I was seventeen my sixteen year old girlfriend and I were hiking off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Stone Mt., NC, trying to find a place with some privacy, and stumbled onto a couple going to it, an older man and young girl, of course thinking that had the timing been different it might have been them discovering us. Funny, and made us smile.

Yep. One of our favorites. In fact, we're heading to Sugar Mountain in July where my wife gets to hear me sing my personal rendition (not her favorite LOL) when we get near the mountain.

Neil Young...circa 1968!

Oh, to live on "Stone" Mountain<br />
With the 'barkers' (LOL) and the colored balloons,<br />
You can't be twenty on "Stone" Mountain, <br />
Though you're thinking that<br />
You're leaving there too soon,<br />
You're leaving there too soon.