I Love Sex Outside

Back in the day I had this awesome friend with benefits Bob. He was by far the greatest **** I have ever had. I met him through my older brother and we hit it off instantly. One night there was a bunch of us that decided to go camping out on some land a family member of mine owned. There was lots of drinking and lots of fun going on..As it grew dark Bob pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. Of course I said sure. He went to his tent and grabbed a blanket and off we went. We ended up on top of a hill when we finally stopped. He laid the blanket out and we both sat down on it and started making out..wasn't long til we both were naked. I went down and started to suck on his nice large ****. He got so hard! He finally couldn't wait any longer, he sat up and pushed me down onto my back and mounted me..mmmm he was such a tease..he slid just about an inch inside of me and teased me until i was pulling on him and begging him to just **** me...finally he slammed his **** deep inside of me. We continued in that position for a bit then he pulled out and told me to roll over. i was up on all fours and he slide his **** into my ***..he was so great at it..he only stayed there for a few minutes before he returned to my soaking wet *****, and shot hit hot *** deep inside me.
Was so hot, exciting, and amazing being outside under the stars..
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6 Responses May 17, 2012

great story love the detail wish it was me on all fours top possy

Hot sexy story ! i too have sex under the stars ! its very hot passionate and intense! you are a sexy hot generous lover babe ! growl ! check out my story "take me home and **** me under the stars " . you ll enjoy it !

Wow. You are one hot woman. All your stories make me instantly hard.

Good story, but a word of caution about the rain - the one night I did this with my FWB, we were eaten alive by mosquitos! Who'd a thought mosquitos would be out in such force in heavy rain?... unless it was just that night or something.

Very hot story!!!

every time u let them cumm inside u gr8