Motorcycle Ride Up The Canyon

It was a Saturday. The lover and I were able to find some time to spend together. Well, he had to go back up the canyon to the scout camp he had been to the night before to retrieve a part of his camp stove that was inadvertantly left behind. We met and I hopped on his motorcycle. It took about 20 minutes to get to the spot. Man oh man...being on that motorcycle got me worked up! That vibration took away any need for foreplay. We found the part and he asked if I wanted to look around and maybe go for a short hike. I said sure. We made our way up to this spot that was pretty well hidden, but still near the main road. He kissed me and I didn't hold anything back. I kissed him hard. We got undressed and he got on top. It felt so good to feel a cool breeze against my skin and his hard **** sliding in. I remember looking up at that beautiful blue sky and then seeing his face move into my view. He smiled at me and I wrapped my whole body around him. It wasn't long before I came. I probably let out my scream a little too loud, since I heard it echo. I wondered if hikers thought someone was being mauled. He asked if I wanted to get on top, I said of course. We hadn't planned to have sex, so he did not have a condom. I climbed on him and started moving my hips up and back, up and back and about 10 up and backs later he put his hands on my hips to make me stop. I climbed off and took him into my mouth. It wasn't long before he also came. : ) Anytime I go up that canyon now, that is all I can ever think about!
UtesFan UtesFan
36-40, F
May 17, 2012