Once A Year At Least

My wife and I like to take a sleeping bag down to the field next to our house and make love under the sky. It's a quiet neighborhood and almost no chance of getting caught. But it's great to spice things up some and keep things fun after a lot of years of married life. Our first time was out in the woods back when we were 18, and we camped a bunch before we got married, so I really like that we're still taking some risks and enjoying the outdoors still.

I suggested it tonight but we're both tired from camping out and may not stay awake long enough for it to get dark. So maybe another warm summer night.

I recommend it to everyone.
pbarnes714 pbarnes714
51-55, M
1 Response May 20, 2012

I would love to be night hiking and come across a pair of rare birds in their natural habitat, doing a spicy mating ritual that you speak of! That would be a great find for a night hike. Keep up the good work on keeping the spice hot and saucey!