Sex On The Balcony

This happened on our recent visit to Noida (near New Delhi). We stayed at my younger brother's place whose apartment is on the 5th floor with other buildings all around. As it was summer, me and my 41 yr old wife were sleeping in the common area with the cooler on in full blast. My brother was alone as his wife had gone to her mom's place and he was sleeping in his room. The common area and his room share a balcony and to keep it cool we were sleeping with the door to the balcony open.
At about 1 am I started to feel a little cold and got up to look for a bed sheet to cover myself. I saw that my wifey (36-30-42) was fast asleep and her nightie had risen up to her waist exposing her thighs and her bald ***** (she keeps it clean). I started to get a hard on and could not resist myself from caressing her *****. She quivered and told me to go back to sleep. I took her hand in mine and placed it over my rock hard tool. She knew that I wouldn't go back to sleep without a good ****. She went to the toilet to relieve herself. In the meanwhile I quickly slipped out from my Bermudas and took off the T shirt I was wearing, and when she came back I took her out on the balcony. I cupped her breasts from behind and palmed her moist ***** down below, with my erect penis tightly pressed against her butt mounds. She squirmed with pleasure. As I started to kiss her on the nape of her neck, shoulders and lips I found her getting wetter and wetter. Suddenly she whispered that the window of my brother's room was open and he could get a clear view. The balcony was dimly lit from the lights of the other buildings around. But I told her that if he is awake and is watching let him watch. It wasn't a big deal as he was my brother of after all. She then told me to make it quick. As she bent down over the railing, I pulled up her nightie and leaning behind her slowly inserted my penis all the way in. As she was moist and wet it slid in easily. I was in no mood to let go off such a wonderful opportunity. I started making slow strokes. And with each stroke she let out a sigh and aahh..which eventually started getting louder. I looked all around the surrounding buildings. Some had lights on but most of the other flats had lights off. I could not make out whether anyone was watching, but knew that the possibility was very much there.
After continuing to give her long and slow strokes for about 5-6 minutes I found that I could not hold any longer. To make matters even more exciting, I stopped and pulled out from her hot vagina. I then started pulling her nightie over her head to make her fully nude. "No. No. " she said firmly. Someone will see. I told her everyone is asleep, don't worry, and pulled it over her head and threw it back into the common area. Now she was completely nude. She started to sit down to cover her shame, but I was pressed firmly behind her and had pinned her to the railing. I again inserted my penis into her and then started to **** her like mad. Each stroke of my pubic area against her protruding butts made a loud thumping sound. She too had got hot and started to enjoy the ****, shedding her inhibitions -her moans and intercourse sounds piercing the stillness of the night. Suddenly she shivered and pressed back against me. I knew she had climaxed and now it was my turn to shoot huge loads of *** inside her moist and wet passage.
We stood still for a few moments and she turned around and we stood there in a tight embrace, before I led her back to the room for the rest of the night's sleep.
Next morning, my brother had this naughty smile on his face and when we were alone confessed having got a good show of the whole thing. I later told this to my wife and she was feeling embarrassed facing my younger brother for the next 2-3 days. Later they became free and my brother started leg pulling her about the whole thing. Maybe I will get to see him **** her in the future....that however is a fantasy....
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Very honestly written, which truly heightens the eroticism of this encounter on the balcony. I too have a fetish for balconies but I have only indulged in ************ out there, my story is all about this. Thanks for sharing this experience.

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Wow! certainly a great experience, that too knowing that someother may peek ,gives a thrill.

Marvelous experience. Thanks for sharing such an erotic story. I loved your daring move to ***** off her nightie! The freedom of fully nude lovemaking on a balcony / outside is exciting!<br />
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I agree with Honeydeen.You lucky fu$&ers!!<br />
Like your brother's style.He knew when to come clean...!