Long Weekend

one of many times i've had sex outside

My now ex girlfriend and I were at here parents house for a long holiday weekend, i think it was fourth of july. We were sleeping in the same bed but she was paranoid of her sisters or parents hearing us if we had sex, they had adjoining rooms. After all the family stuff had taken place on saturday, we were left with sunday to go have some fun. We decided to goto the beach, not that we couldn't have done it everyday were we lived but it seemed like a good thing todo. She said she knew just the beach and after passing many and nearly 2 hours of driving we were there. She went ahead and pulled her sundress off and revealed one of the smallest bikinis i'd ever seen her wear, not a thong but nearly. I knew every guy on the beach was looking at her right now, he c cup breasts were hidden behind her top but almost all of her body was on display. We laid out on the beach for about 2 hours, before the sun goto to be too much for my pale skin. She suggested we go up the road bit and there was a hot spring we could skinny dip in people do it all the time she said. We got up the road to the hot spring and there were nothing but teenagers hanging around it and in it. all fully clothed otherwise we probably would have joined. She took my hand and started leading me up a trail. looked like an old horse or jogging trail probably still used at times but it seemed completely deescalate right now. about half a mile away from the pools she takes her dress off again revealing to me her wonderfully firm and toned ***. She turned around and asked me slyly what would you like todo. I knew full well what she wanted todo and before i knew it she had my board shorts down on the ground and i was standing in the middle of this trail bare assed with only a shirt on. my penis quickly becoming hard and ready for action. she turns and walks up the trail a bit further undoing her bikini top and dropping it to the ground, i walk out of my short not thinking at all that we were out in the middle of public place. She bends over and removes her bottoms once standing up she turns and i can she the outline of her breasts in the sunlight she starts to walk off into the brush. I quickly follow, she barely makes it off the trail before we start to fool around and start having sex. i'm not sure how much time passed but suddenly we hear people coming up the trail, i'm still just pounding away and she's moaning in every sort of way possible. she lets out a small scream as i hit a sweet spot and start to ***. With this we hear a woman yell asking if everything is okay, and what's going on down there. I look up and make eye contact with these two mid to late thirties joggers, really fit and sexy for there age. they were standing there looking at us in sports bra and bike shorts. With this i swear it felt like i started ******* and pounding harder and harder. until my girlfriend just scream in *******. the ladies sjust stood there watching us, as i relaxed and pulled out of my girlfriend i pointed out the women to here and she shrieked in embarrassment. the women just stood there looking at us. We had no choice but to go get our clothes some of which the women were holding. they saw every bit of us, told us they wanted to make sure she wasn't being raped, i stood there in front of them naked while my girlfriend got dressed, and then promptly asked for my shorts of the younger of the two women who seemed to be in a tranz. she handed me my shorts and after getting dressed we all separated i kind og looked at the women and told them i hope they enjoyed the show, they both smiled and the older said it had been a long time since she'd had sex like she thought we had just had
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Sep 8, 2012