My Very First Time

The very first time I had sex was outside in another country.My girlfriend, had come over from their ranch to get something.It was the middle of the day and as I was escorting her to her home,we stopped halfway in the woods and had sex. It was the first time for both of us and we did not even know what we were doing.It did not last that long.
Thereafter and for many years,we could meet in the woods by a river that divides the ranches and have sex or she could come to out home,while both families were out for church, and we could get together and have sex.
One evening we were having sex deep in the woods and my dad passed by in a small path. He must have known we were in the area.He started cutting some shrubs in the area. We both crawled out of there in the opposite direction and took off,missing out.
Now that I think of it,I need to try and have sex outside a few more times in my lifetime.
manomine manomine
46-50, M
Sep 13, 2012