Pres De Sorede, Roussillon, Sud De France

During last summer, when I went away with Olivier and his sister Amelie, friends, on my first holiday to be effectively a sexual pursuits holiday, Olivier and I went a little further in our relationship. We are best friends, and lovers.

We stayed at the Menasseyre family villa near Sorede, and enjoyed various walks in the valley close by. One particular time recurs in my memory, since it is one of my best experiences to date. Olivier, Amelie, her boyfriend Robert, and I went for a walk, Olivier was wearing football shorts, I wore a miniskirt over a thong, and we enjoyed our freedom.

A little way out Olivier asked for a rest, he lay on his back (supine), and then asked me to straddle him. I was happy to do this, but instantly I felt very horny and wanted this to go further. I pulled his shorts down and off, to find he wasn't wearing underwear and had a very hard erection.

I pulled my mini up, and straddled him, pushing the tiny gusset of my thong aside so he could be insides me. He helped me find the rhythm he liked, moving my hips forward and back, and circular orbital to help him come to ejacualtion. It was incredibly satisfying for me, and for our friends who both watched, and photographed us!
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Great story - thanks for sharing