Behind The Barn

It was a warm summer night, I was hanging out with my high school crush and a group of our friends. my crush and I had hooked up a few dozen times. Well it was about 1130 and we were all sitting at a park bentch, my crush was sitting cross from me. He kept running his foot up and down my leg trying to get my attention. When he finally did, he moationed for us to leave. So him and I got up to leave, all of our friends knew exactly what we were going to do. We walked over behind an old barn. He pushed me against the wall and started ripping off my clothes, once i was standing there in nothing but my bra and paties. he told me to get on my knees and suck his ****. I could already see the massive buldge inside his pants. I undid his jeans and pulled down his zipper. relasing his monster 9 inch thick ****. I loved it! I instantly started taking the hole thing, gagging and drooling. he loved to watch me choke.. He grabbed a hand full of my long brown hair and jammed his **** in my throat. I tried to push him away but he had most of my hair, pinning my head to the barn. He told me to look at him while he ****** my throat, so I did, My eyes watering. I watched him
Then out of nowhere he picked me up by my hair and threw me over the front of a tractor, I knew I was in for a world of hurt. He put his hand on my back to hold me down and ripped off my panties. His hand slid around my throat and his **** jammed deep into my dripping *****. He said if I made a sound I was going to be punished (Normally Im a screamer) His thrusts were deeper then ever and I wanted to scream. His hand moved down to my hard nipples and he pinched them, I let out a scream, I heard him chuckle then throw me on the ground. my legs were thrown over his shoulders and his **** right back into my soar *****. his hand wrapped around my throat so tight I almost passed out. I could feel my ****** building. Then he pulled out and jammed it into my ***. I let out another scream. The smile on his face was almost evil. 3 fingers went straight into my *****. twisting and pumping. I couldnt take it anymore. I squirted all over his hand, then he gave my tight *** one more deep hard pump and came deep inside me. his sweaty body folding over on top of me.
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so hot girl!!! I love this, u r great!!

loved your story!

To be saddled, mounted, and ridden that not pleasurable for both the rider and the ridden? Of is in us all to be either the predator or the prey. That was not an evil eye you saw...but rather the look for pure unadulterated predatory lust. It is an eye I'm quite familiar with!