I went to China Flats to camp with my dad and cousins, brought my friend along. We got pretty drunk and were about to head off to bed when some guys from the neighbouring camp wandered over. She and I had sex with them up at a campsite near ours. I remember that the sex wasnt very good cuz the guy I had was way to drunk to find his own ****. In the morning, they came back to our campsite for more ***** and my friend and I went down to the river and let them **** us. Our ****** were dripping with *** by the time they had their fill. I can't wait to go camping there again this summer.
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i should camp more often ;)

I love camping too. Great to go on the trails and pick a spot andd undress and have sex there . And then get dress and continue on the trail. Went camping with another couple once both women got drunk thst we swaped partners. They had no clue and what we were doing. My half was out like a light and were doing them all night.

I'd love to do that! Don't know any couples into that tho