In The Woods

there's a river by my boyfriend's house that you have to cross train tracks to get to, and is surrounded by trees. we'd been planning to have sex in the woods for a while, and we finally get the time to. it's the summer time. the weather is perfect.

we make the trek behind his fence, and over the tracks, and into the woods towards the river. there's a spot that we're both thinking of. it's a little clearing where a creek connects to the river. it's secluded but we have a great view of the water. the ground is covered in clovers and there's a downed tree in the middle of the clearing. it's leaning on another tree, so it's not completely on the ground.

at this point, i start to get anxious. even though i know we're pretty hidden, there's still a possibility that we'll get caught. "what if we get caught? where will we go?" as i'm scanning the perimeter of our love nest, he pulls me close and we start kissing. my fears start to melt away. our hands begin to slowly roam over each other's bodies as his tongue slips it's away inside my mouth.

he slowly forces me to back up until i'm against a tree. it's one supporting the downed tree. my tongue dances with his, and he slides a hand up my shirt to feel me over my bra. but soon that's not enough and he unhooks my bra to feel by bare breasts. my hands are up his shirt too, pressed into his back, my nails teasing his skin every now and then.

my *** becomes the next target of choice, and he moves his lips to my neck. his loves squeezing my *** and massaging it in his palm. i start to rub his **** over his jeans and a small moan escapes his lips against my neck. i love feeling the warmth of his breath on me. he keeps one hand on my ***, but moves the other to the front of my shorts and unbuttons them.

before i know it, his hand is in my underwear rubbing my ***** as he continues planting kisses on my neck. now i'm the one to moan, "oh yeah." i wrap an arm over his shoulder and pull his hair at the nape of his neck. he retaliates by giving me a nice bite on my neck before coming back to my lips. he pushes my shorts down further, sliding a finger inside my *****, ******* me with it.

our kissing is almost frenzied now. we're breathing so loudly, passing moans back and forth. i begin unbuttoning his pants, craving his **** in my hand. once it's free i start stroking him. then i break our kiss and slowly bend down until i'm on my knees and i've taken his **** in my mouth. i love swirling my tongue around his head, it drives him crazy.

he puts a hand on the back of my head and grabs my ponytail. i can feel his subtle motions, forcing himself deeper in my throat, ******* my mouth. "yeah, that feels so good," he moans. it's almost too much, he almost looses control, but then he pulls his **** away from me and i stand.

i'm pretty sure i know what he wants. i reposition so i'm laying over the downed tree, and push my shorts to the ground so my *** and ***** are in the air begging for his **** to fill me. i turn around and smile seeing him come toward me with it, but then he drops to his knees like i did before. his tongue starts lapping at my *****, and i moan so loud he shushes me. i love when he ***** me with his tongue, when he tells me how delicious i am.

as much as i love it, though, i need his ****. my ***** is begging for it. "**** me, **** me!" i shout. he stands immediately, positions himself at my entrance, and slowly penetrates me. this is the full feeling i needed. we moan together, before he moves again. and when he does it feels even better. he builds up momentum, ******* me. i can feel the juices from my ***** leaking and dripping down my leg, and he leans over to whisper in my ear, "you're so wet, baby."

"mm *** in my *****, *** for me," i told him. he grabs ahold of my hips with both hands and ***** me harder. i can hear the sounds of his balls slapping my ***** as his **** moves in and out, in and out, pounding me. i can hear his rapid breathing and my moans mixing with the sounds of us *******. it's so hot, i start rubbing my **** as he ***** me.

i keep coaxing him to ***. i want to feel him empty his **** inside me. fill me up with his warm ***. if anyone was within 100 ft of us, even if they couldn't see us, they would know what we were doing. it was so risky, so hot. he starts ******* me faster, i start rubbing my **** faster in anticipation of his ***. i hear him whimper slightly, and i know he's right on the edge. "i'm gonna ***," are his last words before moaning takes over and i feel it. oh it's so delicious.

he slows, coming to a stop. i'm still rubbing my **** with his **** and his *** inside me. i want to *** outside in the woods too. he notices i'm still rubbing myself, "wanna ***, baby?" "oh yes please," i respond. he takes his **** out of me, and i feel so empty, it's so disappointing. but then he flips me over so i'm sitting on the tree. i can feel the rough bark on my bare ***. he slides two fingers in me now, as i continue to rub my ****.

with his free hand he lifts my shirt and takes one of my nipples in his mouth, suckling me, nibbling every now and then. i'm so close now, i start moaning louder, "mm, yeah, yeah, yeah!" then it's here. i feel my ***** clenching around his fingers and he keeps ******* me with them, and my abs tighten. i never want this pleasure to end.

i eventually come down from bliss, and we clean up a bit.

we both look at each other before leaving and, smiling, say simultaneously, "let's do this again."
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that was such a hot story, your boy friend is very lucky

waw!...i miss going to the woods ;)