On The Road

over the summer I was out on a date.we were at a bar.We had been teasing each other all night.so we were getting very horny and a bit tipsy.the next thing you know it's closing time.so we leave so he can take me home.well we start kissing and getting a very hot in the parking lot.so I said lets go somewhere else and so we start driving and he ask where can we go .I said I don't care,we can go to my house if you would like.and he stops the car on the side of the road and says i got an idea.well it is about 3 AM and but there are houses all around.we start making out the next thing I know is my jeans are off he has me bent over the front finder and raming me hard .All did it feel great he ramed me for about ten minutes.then he is shootig his load in my *****.so i try to gather my self enough to get back in the car and we do and on home I went.now evry time I ride by there I get a little wet.
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Enough sense of desire for sex and no place makes you happy

fantastic story

Outside sex in the warm summertime, always a good idea