Roadside ****

My wife and I used to love ******* in public. Apartment jacuzzis, adult theaters, the park...anywhere we had the urge if we thought we could get away with it. One summer day on the the road that runs from Las Vegas into central Nevada we were getting so horny we decided to stop at an unimproved rest stop. There was a simple portable and a picnic table. It was only thirty yards off the road and about 20 feet lower than the main road.
We started making out. After she started getting hotter I ******** her clothes off and told her to get out of the car.
A submissive and exhibitionist, she obediently got out on the passenger side. She tried to use the car to shield her nakedness from the passing cars but I ordered her to the other side. I threw an old coat an the ground in front of me where she knelt and started giving me head.
She was sucking me off when a couple cars were driving by. I don't think they saw us thru the sparse foliage and the few trees that stood between us and the highway but it startled her. She tried to move away but I held her head and ordered her to keep sucking. I could tell she was afraid we'd get caught so I kept telling how so young men might be in the next passing car and they'd be able to see her hot, naked body while she was giving me head. She whimpered a little as I shoved my **** deeper down her throat.
We could hear another car coming by so I held her shoulders so she couldn't get up. She struggled a little but kept sucking my ****. As the car was about to pass I heard it slow down and honk. She gasped and I started to cumm. I had one hand on the back of her head and used the other to wave.
All she could do was swallow. But it wasn't over...I made her stand up and turn around so anyone who bothered to look down the hill from the road could see her beautiful **** and neatly trimmed *****. I made her stand there until a couple more cars whizzed by. I was busy fingering her *** and cumm filled *****, talking to her the whole time about how someone might actually pull into the rest stop while she was like that.
I talked about how I'd let them feel her up and **** her if they wanted. It got both of us hotter so I started ******* her and while we were still ******* a semi came by honking his air horn. He never stopped but the excitement was enough the we both came again.
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