Un Dia D'estiu, L'any Passat (2009).

I love the school holidays in the summer, and unlike some years when it felt there wasn't a whole lot to do, the last few summers have been excellent for me. Since I was fourteen this has included being in a close relationship, intimate relationship, with Guilhem, my ex-boyfriend. We have spent lots of summer weeks at the beach, and this is something I hope to continue, I have a favourite beach close by.

I would travel in from Villefranche to Perpignan and meet up with everybody before we headed to Collioure. We would all walk down from the train station along avenue Aristide Maillol, cutting across avenue Camille Pelletan and boulevard du Boromar and the Plage Boromar towards the Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Anges. Beyond there is the Plage Nord.

Collioure has no less than six beaches so, whatever the direction of the wind, it is always possible to find a sheltered one. The principal two are the Plage Boromar, (literally 'bord de la mer' = beside the sea) and the Plage du Port d'Avall on the opposite side. Cafes and restaurants line the Boromar, the beach is pebbly and, in summer, a raft floats temptingly in the bay, an easy swim away. With the church on one side and the Chateau Royal on the other, the view all around is perfect. This is the beach where the fishing fleet used to haul their Catalan Barques out of the water each day, where the anchovies were landed and where the women mended the nets. The scene now is very different and the artists who continue to paint it tend to leave the wall-to-wall tourists out of their pictures.

On the other side of the church is the Plage Saint-Vincent, divided from the Plage Nord by the walkway to Chapelle Saint-Vincent. Protected by the harbour wall it is a delightful spot. A sailing school operates there, often sending small boats with bright sails scudding across its waters. The North Beach (where we were off to) is the wildest one. The waves get bigger here, the view, on a clear day, is right along the coast, to the end of the Pyrenees-Orientales and into the Aude.

The day I want to write about was during the summer of 2009, we were settled for the day, we girls in as little to wear as possible, I wore a pale yellow and pink pareu about my hips, Marguerite in an orange bikini, the guys with us in their Bermudas. We had reed beachmats to lay out on., and we took turns during the day going up to the cafes to get drinks and things. I was lying close to where Guilhem was sitting with our friends Pierre 'Pete' and Andre, who were talking about windsurfing.

They had earlier been teasing me over a piece of music we'd been listening to at Guilhem's house before setting off, and about how I had travelled wearing only my pareu and abaggy tee shirt from home to Perpignan, and wasn't carrying anything except my little purse (in which I had train ticket and keys). When they eventually left us to go play in the wind we grew more amorous.

He quickly had his hand up under my pareu, and fingers into my vagina, and it wasn't long before he had slipped his shorts down so he could plunge between my thighs and quickly **** me!
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