It Was Great - Goodbye!

It was our second meeting. The first time we'd met in a secluded place at night, in her minivan.  We kissed, we fondled.  I sucked on her nipples, she sucked on my ****.  She swallowed.  She said she really liked pleasing me and liked what I did to her.  It was electric, she actually was pleased and excited. So different than what I experience at home (i.e., nothing).  We played with each others bodies until it was time to go home.  Each of us satisfied.

Then she wanted to meet during the day, during lunch.  We had sent sexy thoughts and desires to one another, but we hadn't talked about logistics. I don't have a secret hideaway just waiting for someone. She didn't want to meet at a hotel, too obvious why we were there, so we met in a park.

She said she wasn't going to have sex outside. Fine we kissed and fondled, then she said she sometimes got caught up in the moment and couldn't stop herself.  We kissed and fondled some more and she decided she did want to have sex.  We scurried off to a secluded spot and for the first time in my life I had sex outdoors.  And in daylight.  I couldn't believe this was happening to me and she was also not quiet.

When we finished she had to go back to work.  She said everything was great though the situation became more anxiety inducing once the lust had departed.  We kissed some more and she left.

The next day she e-mailed saying she didn't think I could provide her what she needed in her exploration. Goodbye.

Dumped again.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Anyway it was an exciting experience I presume.

Yes, it was. I was on Cloud 9, thinking about all the things we wanted to do together. Our sexual bucket list. We seemed very in tune, then it was over.