We Like Being Watched Having Sex Outdoors

That tension of possibility of getting caught is super. I always let my wife chose location for outdoor sex and she always chooses places it is likely someone could see. She also makes more noise than in the bedroom. I guess she does that to attract attention. It is a great turn on. I like to undress her fully so if someone is watching can see all. I am sure that we were watched at least few times. I hope that my wife will some day soon admit that she is an exhibitionist and start enjoying it openly. Than I could probably show you pics of her naked outside. And shes quite good looking.


kuca kuca 41-45, M 3 Responses Nov 9, 2008

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Kuka, I think your thread got hijacked. There's no question that your wife is an exhibitionist and enjoys the suspense of being watched. Why not offer to get her an audience?

Well, Mutt, your friend Dan obviously has a foot fetish, and if her toes are worth staring at, then I want to see them too...

I very much enjoy it also. We were just on vacation in the Caribbean and we had a ground floor room. We had sex with our curtains open on the patio door,there was quite a bit of traffic going past our room so I know for sure people could see us and sex in the water at the beach was a lot of was a great turn on for me and surprisingly my wife really enjoyed it also....we would walk around naked with the curtains open. I got food poisoning a few days before we left and felt like **** otherwise we would have had sex on the patio outside our room also......I was so turned on......I think mainly turned on that not only could I get my wife to do this.....she really was turned on doing it also