Under the Stars

Yes I am 26 years old (almost 27) and experienced my very first **** in the outdoors!! I was ao much fun because we were right in town in my friends back yard. Oh so naughty. It was really warm outside and the feel of the cool grass was just amazing. We tried to keep the noise level down but it was so hard to contain myself. Afterwards we just layed there under the stars.
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It is one of my most memorable experinces with sex. From the first time I *********** outside to the various partners I have been with.

A lawn makes for a great mattress. Nice and firm and you don't have to worry about falling out of bed if things get a little out of control.

Wow, good story! I shouldn't have read this at work, now I'll be thinking about it.<br />
Oh and better late than never!

thats right big boy *wink wink*

. . . did you say . . . thirty . . . eight . . . double . . . dee . . .<br />
<br />
. . . OH . . . MY . . . G-A-W-W-W-D . . .

Good for you! I hope the first experience was GREAT for you! Keep enjoying yourself-

It is FUN indeed!! lol.

Good for you Ms Katiemae!! Isn't it fun to be free..

detail detail. they are all so fresh in my mind...<br />
Well we went out on the back steps to smoke a cigarette. It was a good way to get away from his brother who wouldn't leave us alone. So we smoked, talked, finished our drinks, talked a little more. Then he came in with some very good moves.kissing my neck.then my lips.I was positioned in a lawn chair.not very comfortable when you are exploring each others bodies. so we moved to the ground.he undressed me.remarking that he had never seen breasts as big as mine.38DD.we f u c ked.right there under the stars.no trees or bushes.the neighbors bedroom window not 30 yards away.he is so much younger than me.that is one thing that really turned me on.21.just a boy yet :)