On a College Field!

It was on my 20th birthday and me n my best friends brother snuck so he could give me a special birthday present!!
It was on the college field - that my sound very low risk but the fact it was right next to  a busy road which overlooked it and houses also over looked! We knew a van had pulled up next to the field but still that didn't stop us and because we knew he was watching gave us that extra thrill!!!

n that wasn't the first time i had sex with him outside i did it another 4 times!!! i am getting very adventurous in my old age!
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4 Responses Jul 9, 2007

I ****** on the school playing field several times when I was at school. Even after I left school my BF and I would sometimes go back there at night for a ****.

Or were you in the end-zone?

My husband and I had sex on his high school's football field (twice!) when we first started seeing each other -- such a turn-on!

That would be very thrilling to have sex in the middle of a football field all out in the open and what not! Great story!! :)