Fun In the Snow

In Connecticut, in the snow, in a public park, in the dark... in January.

It was cold, there was about 2' of snow on the ground, and it was different... the cold air, our warm bodies, the stars, the wind, the woman, the experience.
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2007

I had sex once, in a walk in freezer, guess who got to be on the bottom ? I told the girl friend I would try most enything once, and that was it.

What a great experience--had to be a rush--the warmth of your bodies--the cold of the snow--hmmm--

I had sex outside in the rain, then went to the curry house. I was horrified when i looked down an realised the knees on both our jeans were covered in mud. Luckily drunk enough at the time to laff about it! :O