We grabbed a bottle of Crown and he said follow me. We both had sports cars, welcome to the 90's and raced around often. I followed willingly until I saw the sign  "AIRPORT RESTRICTED PROPERTY, NO TRESPASSING". I hit the breaks! Oh no way in hell was I getting busted here... working at the airport hotel I knew the police and although friendly, you didn't mess w/ them. He pulled up next to me and talked me into it. He was head of security for the airport hotel and had a few connections. So back we went, down this dark little road only lit by the moonlight. We sat on the hood of my fire-bird, drinking, talking, laughing... and then out of no where, he pulled me close and started to kiss. Hard and rough, just forceful enough to feel good. He began kissing on my neck and slowly turned me around and out of my jacket. Little by little we both kissed and ********, until we were bare. One last kiss and he spun me around and spread eagle onto the hood of my car. Before I could compose myself he was in... pounding, pushing, ******* me unmercifully. I held on to my imaginary handles and  started to rock with him... until... it happened... I noticed the reflection shining from my windshield... red and blue lights. OMG!  I panicked, jumped in the car and tossed the crown in one super hero move. He grabbed his pants and went over to chat... before I knew it they were laughing,  my heart was pounding and we were all ok and all leaving together... Oh what a night...
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nice guys - what did they say ?

How hot!

Wow ! how hot and sexy ! the thrill of almost getting caught makes the ******* even hotter . its the one time that i dont take my time. quickies in public are super hot and the climax is awesome babe. xo peter

the rush still comes with each word I read... LOL

Thats awesome!