hehe Story #2... seeing a pattern yet

So Dennis and I decide to go for a walk. The trails here are beautiful, wooded and quiet. We go onto the little bridge and I'm looking into the water below as he comes up behind me. There is a chain link fence around the bridge to keep ppl from swimming in the creek. My face pressed against the fence, my arms extended up, fingers locked in the mesh. He presses hard against me and I can feel him growing into me. I have my head cocked to the side exposing my neck for his lips to explore. It was a beautiful evening and starting to get dark so we knew time was limited. H took my hand and led me to the nearest bench. There, on that trail, he took me... my legs apart as I lay on this hard bench and him buried between. I'm so caught up in the moment it takes a minute to realize the new sound behind him is laughter. A couple walking on the trail has snuck up behind us and as they continue to watch they giggle from embarrassment. Dennis politely says hi as we lay there in each others arms laughing ourselves. Needless to say we pulled ourselves together and ran off to find a new play place... aaahhhhh the good ole days...

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3 Responses Jul 21, 2007

Nice, got me very hard.

What a great memory to find... Another reason I love EP.

You are one crazy woman! I think thats why we get along so well together :)