There are soooo many parks in FL. So many places to choose from. We were at a park that overlooked the bay. It was the middle of the day so the park was empty except for the ppl mowing the lawn. We walked down the very long dock to this huge gazebo at the end. Boats going by, a beautiful view of the new bridge and the most wonderful breeze. He sat on the bench and I laid w/ my head on his lap. As we took in the world around us he stoked my hair. Of course his hand soon did start to wonder... across my face, down my neck and to my breasts. He slipped it into my shirt and started to play. Soon I felt my body sliding upwards until my back was now across his lap exposing my stomach to him. He rubbed and massaged me and then slowly unzipped my jeans. Sliding his hand in I felt his fingers pass my **** and enter directly into my already wet *****. Arched back, my hands in my own hair, holding on as he massaged my **** with his thumb and his fingers explored me. It didn't take long for my body to start spazzing. It was so free, so wonderful... loosing control to him. I laid there for a moment to compose myself and then slid back down, rolled over and pleasured him in return... I can picture it as if it were yesterday...  MSP
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thats my job and i'm good at it LOL

OMG thanks for taking a "aahhh" memory and making it a "ROFLMAO" memory...

ah yes the breeze the smell of the ocean air the fish hook i forgot i had in my hand when i started stroking myself.........

So does the lawn guy I'm sure... *giggles/blushes*

yeah but i remember it like it was yesterday LOL

Double Dork! That was so many MANY moons ago!

THAT WAS YOU????? i was in one of those boats with some binoculars!!!!! LOL

Mosquitos suck but the noseeum's are even worse!

I'm glad you didn't get any mosquito bites...I've had sex outside a few times at a couple different parks and wound up with about a hundred, at least, mosquito bites all over, including all over my everythings! That's okay, I'd still do it again.