Great Fun!!!

I had sex on the roof of a movie theatre on the 4th of july. Talk about fireworks!!!! haha.. also got head in the bushes and in a hottub at a hotel.
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So you ****** her from behind and watched the fireworks at the same tine. Which was more interesting?

Outdoors on roof or wherever is fun stuff. :-) Hope you can get more of that sometime. Wife and I did it out at a reststop on a p

haha lucky.

Most interesting place I ever had sex was in a sea kyack. While interesting I would not recomennd it to anyone with balance/flexibilty/modesty issues.

well damn where were you???

oh that is some ******* i n g b u l l s h i t!!!<br />
I think it sounds really hott!!! I would love it if my boyfriend did something like that.

Well most girls my age arn't really into that kinda stuff... they say they are but when they are presented with it they freak out... mostly because they don't want to be attatched or are afraid of opening up just yet

don't know why because you sound very romantic.

nope i'm very single

sorry u 2 are not together anymore. so got a new gf yet?

we're not together anymore :P hehe but it was definetly hot!

sounds fun. your gf is lucky. that is so f'ing hott

True... lol

But LOADS of fun!!!

Thats pretty naughty!!! criminal even.

Well we snuck up the fire escape in the back. We climbed up to the roof and over to the side where off in the distance there was all the fireworks and I took her from behind... I don't know how much more detail you want haha I may have to make it +18

you can't just tell me you had sex on a roof top and not elaborate. <br />
Come on!!! :)