I have had outdoor sex several times:

In my girlfriend's backyard against a tree (I don't know how it didn't hurt her, but she was drunk so I think that helped).

On top of my car in the poouring rain in an empty school parking lot.

On the beach.  We were pretending to snuggle while out with friends, and I pulled a towel over us and pulled her bathing suit aside while I slid right in...oh man, that was good.

There are other places on my goals list!  But I'll share those stories if they ever come true.

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Try doing it in a small rowboat. Another time I went to the beach with my gf and her 4 year old son. We were on a blanket and we got horny and she wanted to ****. She had her bathing suit on so we put her son on my back for a horsy ride and had great sex.

Wow, on a car is pretty impressive. So is the beach.

I think the on top of the car in the rain is romantic!

well thanks. online crazies...that's a nice name for it. well this is like the only site i have joined. i don't have a myspace because it sucks and i'm not going to go into some chat room and start talking to weirdos out of the blue. but thanks for the warning. and yes lots more to experience. and 16... yes i enjoy my youth, well mostly.

Well, then good luck, young Katelynn, you have much left to experience, but if you ever need guidance or advice, this is the place to be. Just don't get yourself involved with any online crazies.

You have had sex in some pretty strange places. It is actually starting to turn me on. Anyhow I'm still a virgin.

but you'd go for it? what would your gf's reply be if you asked her to ******* around late at night by a ware house??? I'm curious too...trying to remember if there are any warehouses around here. I don't think my girl would go for it, though...she gets frightened easily. I'll have to not tell her where we're

what the ******* are you guys talking about. warehouses and doing the dirty. where did you and your bf do it at? outside on the ground with your naked hot bods thrusting. just keep the noise level down. that would make it extremely hard to have an intense<br />
o r g a s m. just keep it in bed. why would you be doing it outside a ******* i n' warehouse late at night, but seriously that's hot. I wouldn't mind trying that sometime, but my bf wouldn't have the guts to do that unless he was super horny. Actually he always is. Okay well that's him now gotta go

Yeah, maybe that's what saved Neve Campbell in Scream...she was in her early 20s playing a horny teen...yeah, maybe you've got a chance. Still, I'd be careful with those warehouses...all the crazies make their secret hideouts in warehouses.

I'm not a teen. I'm in my early 20's. LOL

Yes, that's all well and good, but isn't it the horny teens that are the first to be extinguished in the horror movies?

I was with my bf and horror films don't all scare me, just the really bloody, gross ones. Hey I was horny, desperate times call for desperate measures

Awesome blondie...warehouse, huh? Given your penchant for horror movies, I would think that would add a scary element to the out for those serial killers, please. It would be such a waste to lose your beautiful mind....

Me too. I have also had outdoor sex: in the grass, in the snow, on the beach, on the hood of my boyfriend's car in the pouring rain, behind an old abandoned warehouse, on the balcony of his apartment at night, you name it i've probably done it or want to do it.

Thanks slutsider...she's actually really not that naughty. I'm old enough to Not THAT old, 25. And yes, I have also had tons of indoor sex. I'll certainly share some of my stories if you share some of yours. Drop me a private msg and we can chat sometime.

Oh. Sounds like you have a naughty girl to let you do it in public. How old are you? So you've had sex outside, ever have it indoors before, it's even better cuz you get the comfort of your own bed. Hope you two are using protection unless you want to get her pregnant and then she'll have swollen ankles, morning sickness, and not be too happy for a while, but i'm glad you 2 love birds are having fun. Enjoy !!!!!!!