Gravel In the Knees

I had been seeing this guy for awhile and we shared all our fantasies with one another, one we both wanted was to have sex outside.

One evening after a nice dinner out, watching the sunset at a riverside restaurant we walked along the riverside holding hands and stopping to kiss. We fell on the banks of the river near the road and started making out. I was wearing a dress that he constantly had his hands under and I was getting really turned on.

We decided to go back to the hotel because there were to many people near the restaurant and joggers were running nearby on the roads.

On the way home he pulled the car over to the side of an abandoned train bridge and asked if I wanted another walk, we both knew what was going to happen...

We found our way deep away from the road and layed in the tall weeds. We had deep passionate kisses as he played with me and I gently stroked him. When he was ready (and it didnt take long), I climbed on top and covered him with my dress where we then made love in the night.

It didn't last long though, he came and we got dressed real fast. Two college students who looked like they were doing some sort of research were coming. We giggled back to the car and all the way back to the hotel room where we finished what we started.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Two college students came along doing some sort of research after sunset? Sounds suspicious to me. How did you know they were college kids doing research?

Havent those collage boyes saw you at it?I would have loved to perform in front of them.