Crazy Lust

There was a time, many years ago now, when I had the most adventerous sex life. It saddens me to realise that this was all so long ago. I`m talking more than 20 years ago now. Sex since then has been an infrequent and not entirely adventurous pursuit.

Sex outside started as a 16 y.o for me. Not really out of any desire to try something kinky, but more-so, because there wasn`t anywhere else to go.

My girlfriend at the time and I would relish finding a quiet shady spot on a warm, sunny, weekend afternoon and just lose ourselves in each other at the local reservoir, which was situated on many acres of well tree`d land.

I loved those times with her. Nearly 30 years later and I can still conjure up  perfect images of the tiny birthmark on her back-side, her happy radiant smile, those perfect pale silky thighs, her delicious pubic mound and those milky white breasts. I relish the memory of how the intimingling of our sweat and sexual juices would combine to create the most intoxicating of aromas. I adored the dappled light that streamed onto her fair skin through the bushes under which we shared our flesh.

Fast forward a few years, to the woman who I had my first long term relationship with (4 years). She was a crazy woman, up for anything, and she would often entice me into trying things that were way out of my comfort zone.

She would love to blow me in the car, as we parked in busy areas, such as shopping centres, public parks, drive-in movies. Anywhere that there was a chance we may get caught. Not that people could see much other her head bobbing up and down, and thankfully the police were never called, but we did get chuckles and knowing smiles. This turned her on no end.

In fact the first time we had sex was in the early hours of a hot summers night in a public park. While we were getting down, we could hear people talking, drinking and driving by. I can`t say it was my ideal, but I wasn`t going to say no to the lady.

The following night we drove out to a local lake and had sex on the bonnet of my car. Which sounds great, but wasn`t that comfortable. Just as I was about to ********* I got an awful cramp in my foot, slid out of her, and off the car with my jeans round my ankles. She just laughed her head off as she wiped my juices off the car with my t-shirt.

For the next 4 years she would want to try it anywhere. Public toilets, parks, beaches, even the tearoom at my work-place. Sometimes it was great fun and sometimes it was just not right, and she would get violently angry if I was ever not up for one of her adventures.

When I look back on that relationship, there is much about the sex that I miss. But as the years went by her craziness grew into full-blown violence. She had a temper that would flair for no reason, and I got pretty beat up by her on a few occassions. I never did strike back, or defend myself. I was always taught that a gentleman never raises a hand to a lady. While the sex may have been exciting, it certainly wasn`t romantic, and I wonder if it was a means of degrading me, and herself in the process.


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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Crazy women are great fun. But the situation does tend to blow up in your face.<br />
Your talk about the reservoir reminded me of my own warm Summer nights on the beach. It was romantic, but it was also the best choice with nowhere else to go. Sex, passion, I thought I was in love. I didn't know then that it wouldn't last forever.