Outside With My Girlfriend's Sister

 This all started when I was travelling around the world with my girlfriend and her sister. We spent a lot of time together, including many trips to beaches.

Anyway, one day we visited a naturist beach and my girlfriend and myself decided to take off everything....this was the 1st time. Her sister was a bit more reluctant and just went topless and rolled down her bottoms to expose a small amount of pubic hair. It was a great day and my girlfriend and myself really enjoyed being naked. I am not sure if this aroused her sister, but the bottoms were being rolled down a bit further every hour and at one time you could see that she had become wet with excitement.....yes, I was looking.

Half way during the afternoon, my girlfriend went swimming, but I stayed on the beach. As soon as she entered the water the sister pulled down her bottoms saying that she was very hot and made sure I saw her pulsating lips. Nothing happened, although she knew that I was aroused and I found it hard to hide my excitement. 

The trip continued and we would often go to beaches where she would only go completely naked when my girlfriend was out swimming or walking etc. One day we decided to camp on an uninhabited island for a couple of days. The problem was that I was on my own with the sister until my girlfriend arrived the next day.

Once on the Island, I soon took off my clothes and decided to explore. The sister did the same, but kept on her bottoms and remained on the beach. Was I aroused....yes. Anyway, when I returned from my walk, she was completely naked and enjoying herself. I did not let her see me but she knew I was watching......it was a great sight seeing your girlfriend's sister playing with herself. I walked over and it was obvious that I was totally aroused and said to her to keep going. She did and had one of the most beautiful climaxes that I have very seen.

I had to pleasure myself and it was wonderful. The next day my girlfriend arrived and to this day I have never confessed to her what happened that day. However, whenever I am on a beach with her sister, she always exposes her excitement and if possible arouses herself for my pleasure.

Outdoor sex, especially on a beach is one of the most wonderful experiences.

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