In The Rain

About 10 years ago I got a crazy idea to move off to school on a whim.  There was little planning involved, and that was a mistake.  I went with a couple friends and my girlfriend at the time.  Like I said we didn't plan much and ended up using a family truck bed camper to live in until we could find a place.  We were staying at this camp site.  One night when everyone was sleeping in the little camper me and my gf wanted to make love, but the camper was too close quarters to make it inside with the others there sleeping.  It was raining out, but I talked my gf into giving it try outside in the rain.  We put down a blanket and I got on top.  It was some of the best I have ever had with the rain running all over me and in the open woods at night.  If given the chance again I would not hesitate to do it again.  Very exhilarating!

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

My wife hates making love in the rain and I go nuts for it! :)

Some of the best experiences are those least planned!