On The Side Of A Major Freeway

My ex and I would be driving home from where ever it was we had been out or been away and when there have been a few drinks had and a long drive the need to **** sometimes just can't wait till we got home.

Usually each time it happens it would start with me rubbing my mans **** while he was driving and feeling it getting nice and hard and from there I would reach over and pull his throbbing member out of his pants and give him an amazing head job. Realizing that he is getting overly excited I would normally beg for him to pull over and **** me.

The first time it happened a car full of young blokes caught me sucking on my mans **** and since he was such an exhibitionist he didn't bother to tell me and they tried to stay as close to the car as possible to keep watching. After a while my man pulled over on a major free way, we jumped in the back of the car and ****** so hard, it was amazing! Cars were speeding past us with no idea what was going on.

The second time we were coming back from a weekend away and this time instead of playing with my man's **** I thought I would tease him and show him what he is missing, so I played with my wet ***** right in front of him. It was when I made myself ***, with my ***** juices all over the place that he decided to pull over.

He pulled off the road and where we walked down to we could see the main highway. he didn't care, I could see how hard he was through his pants, and he just laid me down and put my legs over his shoulds, I was still wet from cuming in the car so he just rammed his **** into me so hard and we ended up ******* like the animals do!

I love getting it where I can!

Excited01 Excited01
26-30, F
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:) Delicous! You're a fun gal.